First Lady Margaret Kenyatta calls for collaboration in raising a generation of literate children

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta with Professor George Magoha (left) at Text Book Center

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta has called for collaboration among education stakeholders so as to raise a generation of literate children.

The First Lady commended the government for investing in the new education system that is being implemented through the Competence Based Curriculum (CBC), saying it is more responsive to the demands of a changing world. 

“This endeavour requires strong partnerships and investment between all stakeholders in order to ensure that we pass on valuable knowledge and skills to empower our children,” she said.  

The First Lady spoke today when she presided over the official opening of the Text Book Centre’s new flagship store at the Sarit Centre in Nairobi.

She said the new education system prepares children well for future employment opportunities by imparting practical skills and nurturing their talents starting at an early age.

The First Lady called for concerted efforts in equipping the bulging youthful population with appropriate skills and competencies in order for Kenya to reap demographic dividends. 

“It is also pegged on ensuring that our young people acquire refined skills that will not only enable them to compete favourably with their peers on the global arena but also meet market demands of our new world,” she said.

The First Lady called for increased investments and collaboration between authors, publishers, libraries and bookstores to cultivate a passion for books and create a reading culture for knowledge and pleasure. 

She observed that a reading culture could only be enhanced through provision of good reading material whose content is relevant, accessible and affordable.

The First Lady also emphasized the need to ensure that learners in marginalised communities have access to relevant books to enable them become creative and innovative.

“Everyone deserves an equal chance to learn  – to nourish their educational capacity, to gain knowledge, learn new words and become creative and innovative. Reading helps us to navigate the world,” the First Lady said.

She applauded Text Book Centre for expanding its store to help foster a culture of enthusiastic readers and provide a space where reading can take place through its reading clubs, creative writing and life skills sections.

Speaking during the occasion, Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha said education is a key enabler of all the pillars of the Big 4 Agenda.

He challenged authors, publishers and bookstores to work together to provide books at reasonable prices so as to make them accessible to a majority of Kenyans.

Other speakers included Text Book Centre Chairman S.V Shah and the Group Managing Director Armand Houahu.