Gakuru Inquest: Nyeri governor’s driver did not apply brakes in the fatal crash — Witness claims

Denis Ireri, a former Vehicle inspector at the National Transport and Safety Authority concludes that former Nyeri Governor’s driver did not apply any brakes in the fatal crash near Thika.

While testifying during the inquest to the death of the governor, Mr. Ireri said that as per his observation, no skid marks were spotted on the road.

He also established that the braking system was working perfectly, and saw no reason as to why the brakes were not deployed.

The Mercedes vehicle at the scene of the accident had flattened 5 posts and bent 3 of them, implying that it was travelling at a high velocity and did not apply any brakes.

On the issue of airbag deployment, Mr. Ireri claimed that contrary to  earlier testimonies, the airbags deployed normally.

The witness, while explaining why the airbag was not spotted in the photos, said the airbag could have been removed by the rescuers who removed Mr Gakuru from the wreckage.

The inquest will proceed on Thursday, October 3.