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Here are 5 Reasons Why you Need A Cucumber in Your Life

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BY FAITH MUTETE – Cucumbers are the fourth most cultivated foods in the world and they are known to be one of the most beneficial foods one can take   .They contain important nutrients that are essential for the human body. And are rich in Vitamin A, and folic acid  and also fiber and a range of minerals including magnesium and potassium..

5. Healthy Weight Management

They are extremely low in calories and very rich in nutrients and when digested they digest in a gel form which slow down digestion hence making you full for longer, and guess what after making them your go to snack they actually prevent you from eating junk good because they are naturally tummy filling.

4. Glowing Skin

As doctors are always on our necks when it comes to hydration and how fluids are important for hydration, cucumbers high water content makes it naturally hydrating. It also contains acids which help prevent water loss, and when you thought you knew it all silica which aids in developing strong and healthy connective tissues is found in cucumbers and that’s why the fruit is used in treatment of skin issues.

3. Chases Cancer Away

Cucumbers contain nutrients which help fight cancer .these nutrients are cucurbitacins, which may help prevent cancer by stopping cancer cells from proliferating and surviving.

 2. Prevent Constipation & Kidney Stones

They are a perfect combination of both fiber and water. Therefore, they help to protect your body from constipation and kidney stones. Regularly enjoying a cucumber rich salad is a great way to increase fiber intake. Cucumber is also a good source of vitamin C, silica, potassium, and magnesium; all of which have their own health benefits. Cucumber skin contains high levels of vitamin A, so you will gain more of this nutrient if you eat the entire thing without removing the skin.

1. Reduce The Intensity Of Hangovers And Headaches

So after a crazy Friday night and your back home ,sleepy and drunk before you go to bed chew on some cucumbers. They contain sugar, B vitamins and electrolytes which replenish many nutrients lost reducing the intensity of hangovers and headaches the following morning.

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