Hilarious List of Kenyan Names and their Dowry Price list value revealed

BY FAITH MUTETE – Till now it’s still a mystery why many people get really emotional during weddings but to come and think of it maybe men get emotional because of the hefty amounts they pour during dowry payment ceremonies.

Kenya being a diverse country with many tribes does not really help men when dowry payment is involved since every culture has their own way of doing things, but one thing is for sure, at the end of every dowry ceremony men walk out broke  with those who are lucky walking out with a bride as the rest live to tell the tale of how in-laws can be wicked.

Well to help our fellow men netizens have come up with a list of  names and how much bride price they deserve.

Bride price 2019 2020 according to Kenya women association ministry

Mary_ – 2 million
Shantel – 200,000
Monica – free
Mildred – 600k
Dorothy – (BOOK) 800k
Jennifer – 1 million
Betty – On credit
Michelle – 3 bags of rice
Rebecca – 3 goats
Faith – 50,000
Joyce – 2 cows& 1 bag of rice
Ruth – free
No – 1 cow 20k
Leah – 300,000
Lydia – On loan but 3 bags of maize can do
Hellen – 5 doves and 1 cat
Naomy – 2 crates of sodas
Esther – 5 loaves of bread
Joan – 200,000
Philis – Half sack Irish potatoes
Dorah – 3GB bundles
Irene – V8 Prado

So next time you decide to date ,visit the list first ,it might save your life if not pocket…………