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“I know Linturi as a fraudster and a conman,” Says Maryanne Kitany’s mother

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BY PRUDENCE WANZA – Rhoda Kitany mother to Maryanne Kitany and a witness in the divorce suit against Meru Senator Mithika Linturi gave her testimony for the second day in court.

Kitany’s mother was asked by Kitany’s lawyer Danstan Omari to describe Linturi and she said she knows him as a fraudster and a conman who stole title deeds.

In the case, Senator Linturi has been accused by both Maryanne and her mother of stealing the title deeds of their properties and charging them in a bank.

According to Kitany’s mother, Linturi stole two titles belonging to their company adding that she has does not have any official search documents showing that the titles were stolen as she considered the theft a marital issue.

However, that did not go well with Linturi’s lawyer Muthomi Theonkalou who objected to saying that his client can be labeled as a fraudster without a finding that he is one indeed.

Kitany’s mother went ahead and told the court that Linturi fraudulently removed her as a shareholder in a company owned by the senator called Atticon limited.

“I was fraudulently removed as a shareholder. I was never communicated to because removing me without my consent is wrong.” She told the court.

Kitany’s mother was also put to task by Linturi’s lawyer to prove whether there was indeed a marriage between her daughter Maryanne and Linturi.

She testified that Linturi came to her home with 19 people to seek her daughter’s hand in marriage.

According to her negotiations were conducted in her very own sitting room in presence of elders from Linturi’s side and Maryanne’ s uncles and aunties.

She added that the ceremony called ‘koitoo’ was conducted and sealed with ‘mursik’ after which the man can now leave with the girl.

When asked by Linturi’s lawyers whether she asked Linturi of his marriage status she told the court that Maryanne’s uncle asked the senator who then presented a divorce document showing he was in the process of divorcing his then-wife.

Kitany’s mother went further to tell the court that she could not asked Linturi about his marriage because at the negotiations as women are only present but can talk during the negotiations in Nandi culture.

“Women are there in an engagement ceremony and negotiations to sit and see and hear not to talk,” she said.

So far 2 witnesses have testified in the case which is set to continue tomorrow.

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