Jumwa to spend three nights in remand

Vocal Malindi MP, Aisha Jumwa is to remain in custody for three nights as she awaits to take plea on Thursday October 22.

Jumwa and co. accussed have been charged with murder of a man who was shot during the Ganda ward by-elections in kilifi county in October 2019

In her ruling Judge Njoki Mwangi directed that Jumwa be remanded, pending plea taking on Thursday, October 22 in a murder case.

“The two accused persons shall be remanded at port police station pending psychiatric examination. Pre-bail assessment shall be undertaken on each of the accused.

“Accused to be escorted to Coast General on 21st Oct for psychiatric examination,” noted Mwangi.

Jumwa and her co-accused is Geoffrey Okuto Otieno, who then was her bodyguard.

The vocal Tanga tanga is not new to remand as recently she was remanded over NG-CDF,where she is facing corruption charges