KeNHA To Construct Box Culvert on Flooded Garissa Highway

A section of the Garissa-Hola-Garsen highway that was cut off by flash floods on Monday 5th April, is finally passable.

Motorists approaching the wash out have been urged to use a designated diversion as KeNHA plans on fixing culverts to avert further flood damage.

“The situation at this location is not that serious because it is an area that was washed out some times back and the permanent solution is a box culvert which the current contractor is mobilizing materials for the same.” said an engineer on site.

The highway will be restored in the three weeks as soon as the stormy waters subside.

However motorists have been urged to exercise caution while crossing the dangerous section, with engineers urging motorists to use other routes.

“So the situation is that vehicles are only not able to cross this section when the flood waters are still flowing, once the flood waters disappear traffic flow resumes immediately.”

Prior to the flood, KeNHA had been on the ground inspecting progress on the road, giving the project a clean bill of health.