Kenyans downplay Starehe MP Jaguar’s Proposal to lower Retirement age

Musician turned politician, Charles Njagua most commonly known as Jaguar, is on the receiving end, after presenting a motion in parliament to restrict the retirement age, currently at 60, to be lowered to 50, in a bid to curb youth unemployment.

The Starehe constituency representative is seeking to win back favor, after a public lash out over calls to deport Tanzanians working in Gikomba market, Nairobi.

This proposal, however, did not auger well with Kenyans online. A section of kenyans lauded the move, with hopes that those holding ”skilled” position will be ousted to pave way for fresh talent.

Some however shut it down, arguing that the problem with unemployment in Kenya is leadership and that reducing the age limit for retirement will attract an economic crisis.

” We don’t have a job crisis in Kenya. We have a leadership crisis. No thinking, no innovation, no jobs. Period. ”

” So you create Jobs by creating Unemployment to others? What a Joke!!!! So the so called Youths, if they are lucky to get a job at 30 years, will only work for 20 years?? “

”You don’t create Jobs by rendering others jobless! Most people get employment at around 35 years, work for 15 years and go home? Hehehe….. a big joke