What is this lorry carrying? Sand? It may appear so. But this is ordinary soil collected from the roadside by Mavoko and Kitengela crooks, who claim to be selling ‘readily available’ sand, as opposed to driving all the way to the sand harvesting sites.

The Kitengela based con artists rob off unsuspecting customers of a clean Ksh.20,000 a trip, which is an inflated cost.

A vigilant customer then reported to a nearby police station, (OB number 29) and the police officers together with officials from the National Construction Agency are pursuing the operators of the ‘sand depo’. The report was made by one Joseph, a supervisor at a construction site

According to sources, the cartel is well known by Police officers, who pay a small fee to turn a blind eye on the vice.

Due to the rising cases of buildings collapsing, investors seeking to venture into the property building market need to watch out for the quality of materials being supplied to them, to avert possible disasters.