Kiambu Governor Wamatangi Claims His Life Is In Danger

Kiambu Governor Kimani Wamatangi on Sunday asked congregants in Gatundu South, Ndarugo, to pray for his life.

Wamatangi stated, without naming anyone, that he has received numerous threats from people warning him not to lose his head.

”I have been told to take care, that I will lose my head but I tell them that my head has stayed where it is because of God,” Governor Wamatangi said. 

”Even when they say they will create a huge scandal and blame it on me, I’m not worried I tell them that the God who stood with me is the same God who will stand with me.” 

According to Wamatangi, one of the cartels that his leadership has dismantled since taking over the county is a building permit and approval cartel that was fleecing Kiambu residents while taking them around in circles.

“In my first month at the office, there is a school and a church who came to me and told me they were yet to get building approvals despite making official and unofficial payments,” he added. 

Wamatangi said that those threatening him have stated that they will use any means necessary, including fabricating dubious scandals, to have him arrested and charged in court.

”I have been beaten before, now nothing really worries me, no one can frighten me, God made me a Senator… and then God used you to make me a governor and it is not in vain,” he added. 

”All I want to ask for is prayers from you so that I’m strong physically and mentally so that I can continue working.”

The governor also promised to root out graft in the county and to work closely with MPs and MCAs to carry out his mandate during his address.

He claims that unless something is done, corruption will continue to plague the county.