Kinyua acts to Reign in Rogue boards, Restore prudence

Head of Public CS Joseph Kinyua | PHOTO COURTESY

The Government has issued a raft of new rules that will radically change the running of parastatals and Semi-Autonomous Government Authorities.

Under the new guidelines issued by the Head of Public Service and Secretary to the Cabinet Joseph Kinyua, Principal Secretaries will have to attend critical board sessions to ensure Government policy and strategic direction is adhered to by various boards of state parastatals.

The tough circular says Government representatives on board must write reports of board deliberations after every board meeting to ensure the Government is fully aware of the goings-on in all boards.

Effectively, PS’s will now dictate board deliberations and have sweeping powers to align board agenda.

The move will ensure smooth operations of all parastatals and geared towards ensuring harmony between parastatals and the Office of the President.

Kinyua has lately instituted various guidelines to reign on wastage of government resources in parastatals and the new guidelines are geared towards achieving these results.

Every parastatal board will have a PS representative.