KRA Clarifies Taxing All Goods Worth Over Ksh 75K at JKIA

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has clarified its position on taxing travellers and tourists carrying into the country with goods exceeding the duty-free limit.

Speaking to the press on Wednesday morning, KRA Acting Deputy Commissioner, Policy & International Affairs David Ontweka said that the taxman will only tax goods purchased by travellers worth over USD500 and not everything in their luggage.

“When you have traveled out of the country and you are coming back you will always come with the clothes and bags that you came with,” the Deputy commissioner said.

“But where you purchase goods valued at USD 500 (Ksh 75,000) and which are more than one you are required to declare the rest for purposes of tax.”

The taxman is seeking to collect more taxes from travellers who carry goods worth over USD500 and travellers who fail to declare their goods or pay duty face arrest, prosecution, fines or losing the goods to the state.

Yesterday, KRA came under intense online scrutiny after issuing the directive seeking to tax travellers or passengers arriving into the country from international destinations to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport with items worth Ksh 75,000 and above.

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