Media Boss Challenges Prosecution By DPP In Threat To Kill Case

A media Commercial Director accused of threatening to kill an ex-lover via text message in 2019 has gone to the High Court to oppose the DPP’s decision to charge her.

Farida Idris Mohamed, who is accused of sending many threatening messages to Hussein Aila Amaro on June 14 and 15, 2019 in an unknown location, alleges that the charges are malicious and requests that the court dismiss them.

She claims to have been in an affair with Amaro and that they lived together as husband and wife.

Farida claims that during their nine-year relationship, they formed a company named Enersence Solutions Limited, of which they were the directors and shareholders. Each has a 50% stake in the company.

However, she claims that they split up in a horrible style sometime in 2019 and that they have since been entangled in court issues and spurious accusations to the DCI over the ownership of the company.

She claims Hussein used his connections to advocate for her prosecution after the two failed to agree on the amount payable for the purposes of reaching consent.

”The criminal proceedings are in bad faith and are clearly an afterthought to hit back and express vendetta against the petitioner following their acrimonious relationship fallout and failure to settle 17 million shillings within the timeframe as demanded by the ex-lover,” reads court papers.

She claims that the DPP failed to conduct clear and unbiased assessment of facts to substantiate the charges against her.

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