Woman Suffering From Cancer Interrupts Court Session

Courts are often not places to seek aid; nevertheless, Florence Mwikali, 57, took the risk and stepped into a courtroom to seek medical assistance.

She sat calmly inside the courthouse, despite her suffering, waiting for the most appropriate moment.

Mwikali, who had breast cancer, was hesitant to approach the magistrate, whom she regarded as stern when it came to dispensing justice.

She added that her bravery to face the magistrate was dwindling as she reflected on the penalties he had given down to suspects.

“I wasn’t sure how he’d react when he found out I’d come to seek for help. I was becoming terrified of asking for assistance “She stated.

Moments later when the court was done with the day’s proceedings, she raised her hand in an effort to get the attention of the magistrate whom she referred to as the “philanthropic magistrate”.

Mombasa Senior Principal Magistrate Vincent Adet, who was ready to exit his courtroom, asked whether her case had been called out.

She informed the court, in her weak voice, that she was there for a different reason. She needed assistance to cater for her cancer treatment because her NHIF card had run out of cash owing to the costly chemotherapy she was going through.

“I’m here to seek for your help since I’m battling cancer. I looked you up on the internet and discovered you are the magistrate who assists individuals. I am requesting your help in purchasing chemotherapy medications “She begged.

She pulled out her therapy documents and handed them to Adet.

The magistrate paid for her NHIF card and offered her money to purchase food.