NMS To Enforce Kagwe Vaccine Certificate Directive

Employees of the Nairobi County Government have been instructed to provide in-person services only to fully vaccinated individuals.

As a result, non-vaccinated people, including those who have only gotten one dosage, will be denied access to county offices, parks, halls, and other facilities.

The autonomous unit reactivated a national government decree from December 22, 2021, prohibiting unvaccinated people from obtaining State and other social services on Wednesday evening.

Despite a court injunction prohibiting the rules from being implemented, the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) has urged all sub-county medical and public health officers to follow the direction to the letter.

In order to execute the mandate, NMS Director of Health Dr. Ouma Oluga also urged medical and public health personnel to cooperate closely with multi-agency teams in their respective sub-counties.

In a letter dated January 5 to all medical and public health officers in the city, Oluga said, “Reference is made to an update on Covid and reaction measures dated December 22, 2021 from the Ministry of Health on enforcement of guidelines on immunization against coronavirus.”

Officials from the multi-agency will be dispatched to guarantee that the mandate is followed in national parks and wildlife reserves, hotels, bars, and restaurants, according to Oluga.

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