Police Hunt Down Bhang Trafficker

A man has been caught trafficking bhang worth over Ksh. 1.3Million.

Caan Yaah, 27, was arrested at Mtito Andei police station after officers chased him down as he attempted to elude arrest by speeding away.

According to Makueni county police commander Joseph Ole Naipeyan, a second suspect who escaped during the incident was being pursued.

Two vehicles were seized, as well as bhang worth more than Sh1.3 million.

After the chase, the car’s occupant allegedly came to a halt and ran into Tsavo National Park, according to Napeiyan.

“When officers searched the vehicle, they discovered thousands of bhang in sticks packaged in bags,” the police chief added.

He claimed the Kenya Wildlife Service had been notified and that a helicopter and sniffer dogs were used to assist in the search for Ariel.

Yaah was questioned afterwards and revealed that they usually get the cannabis sativa from a specific estate in Nairobi county.