Pressure at the pump as prices set to rise tonight

Fuel prices are set to hike from today mid night. In the latest review by energy petroleum regulatory commission.

In a press statement by @EPRA , Petrol is set to  rise by Shs 3.47 per liter ,this takes the pump price to 103.95 for super petrol  from initial Sh100 for Nairobi motorists.

Diesel is set to rise by Shs 2.76 setting the price at Shs 94.63

Kerosene consumers are the worst hit in the latest review with a hike of Shs 8.20, the commodity barely changed last month as import were not will now cost 83.65 for Nairobi.

 EPRA has attributed the wholesome rise in costs to an increase in price of fuel imports in the last month.

“The changes in this month’s prices are as a consequence of the average landed cost of imported super petrol increasing by 14.18 per cent, diesel increasing by 10.3 per cent and kerosene by 127.87 per cent,” EPRA said in a statement on Friday.

The net effect of the increase in fuel prices is expected to inflate the cost of living , cost of production hence compounding Kenyans daily lives amid the corona virus pandemic effects

The changes are expected to take effect midnight 15th august to the review on 14th September