“Relax, Kibaki is just fine,” confidants say

Mwai Kibaki Nairobi Hospital

Retired President Mwai Kibaki was in Nairobi Hospital for routine medical procedures – By Enock Sotsi.

Inquiries by Uzalendo have established that the former President, who two years ago was admitted at a South African Hospital routinely visits the hospital for a check-up by his physicians.

Among the team of doctors who attend to the President is a local cardiologist, a urologist, and a consultant tissue physician.

Kibaki, at the age of 89 has health challenges associated with age. Most living people of his age suffer from Hypertension, blood sugar regulation, arthritis, and heart-related illnesses.

At that age, periodic blood clots are common and have to be maintained using blood thinners and other procedures.
Kibaki has for many years been managed by Dr. Dan Gikonyo of Karen Hospital.

But owing to advances in Medical care, young cardiologists routinely see the retired President.
Informed sources within Nairobi Hospital confirmed that he was still at the hospital for routine treatment associated with old age and internal organs management.

Kibaki assumed office in 2002 while still in a wheelchair, having suffered a near-fatal crash at Machakos County.
Early in his Presidency, Kibaki was hit by a mild stroke but was treated and discharged after admission at Nairobi Hospital.

Traditionalists then sensational drove him across Chania River to defeat an alleged curse (Kithitu) that said the Presidency will never leave Kiambu.

An hospital source confirmed the President was responding well.