Kenyans today woke up to the biggest Friday of their lives. From the glorious triumph against noisy Tanzanian neighbours in a thrilling 3-2 AFCON win, to a surprise Platinum offer from the country’s largest Mobile service provider, Safaricom. At around 8.30am, word went round that Safaricom was distributing Platinum offers to users, if they subscribed to Safaricom platinum bundles, and pay with their Bonga Points. To get the offer, one had to opt into a platinum plan by dialling *544# and selecting the option. Any bonga point balance could immediately guarantee you a whooping 1Tb of Mobile Data. Kenyans were quick to milk the golden opportunity dry, some even going to an extent of calling their friends and family, known to have been distant. After all wasnt it the National Anthem that calls us to help one another? Safaricom staff only got whiff of the situation only 30 minutes later, when they managed to pull down all platinum offers. Efforts to contact the company have not beared fruit yet. They only mentioned of a later official communication to the media and the public. This has left many to wonder what the next move will be, with some speculating that the Service provider will Fuliza their way with guilty Kenyans. “This however may not be possible, being that majority of Kenyans did not conspire to rob Safaricom of their precious Data. They should actually blame this on their inability to detect the flaw in due time.” James Owino, Intellectual Property Lawyer.