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Single or engaged, there’s more to valentine than flowers.

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The long awaited day is finally here. It’s a day that most couples have eagerly been waiting for. Quite a number of them use this day to measure how much their partner loves them. For men, this isn’t quite a big issue but for ladies…it means everything to them. In fact, some of the dudes who won’t shower their ladies with gifts, flowers, chocolates, a card or take them out for dinner, high chances are that they will find themselves in hot soup. There will either be an argument, a fight or even a break up.

Even if a guy truly loves a lady, she will still have high expectations on Valentine’s. To them this is a day that a man should use to appreciate her woman, remind her how worthy she is and how much he loves and cares about her. It’s a time for the guy to rain praises on her, make her feel as if she is he only woman in the world and make up for the many times he forgot about her birthday or their anniversary.

Women use this opportunity to test how romantic their other half can be. For the guys in relationships they have to be romantic by default.
When it comes to buying gifts, men are usually anxious and feel pressured because they don’t know the perfect gift to give their other half. A man can do his best and even go out of his way to make sure that his lady has the perfect Valentines but it’s very possible for the lady can to end up displeased, ungrateful and not satisfied.
Talk about women being complicated

To some people Valentine’s day is overrated. I mean what’s the fuss about buying or receiving flowers or going out for dinner while you can still do that on the other days? Why do people have to concentrate and pin down love into one pink or red, fluffy, chocolate-coated day? People spend so much on gifts, diner, flowers, cards and wine while that cash can be used on something else.

To the single people, Valentine’s day is usually the longest, loneliest and boring day of the year. The public display of affection and the standards couples set makes it impossible for single people not to throw a pity party. That’s the day that Couples will look as if they are madly in love, make it look like they have the perfect relationship and for a moment you might be tempted to think that they are in their ‘happily ever after’ phase of life.
This is usually an emotionally traumatizing day for the single people.
When Couples are having the time of their lives, single guys are just wondering why the hell there is a Valentine’s day. To most of them, it’s a Single awareness day, a celebration of love in all forms recognizing the love between friends and family, and loving themselves.

Whether in a relationship or not, Valentine’s day is a special day. A day to remind our family, friends and loved ones, how much we love and treasure them. Whether its celebrate with flowers, wine or chocolate, it’s the assurance that we give them that matters the most.
Have an amazing Valentines won’t you?

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