‘Tanga-Tanga’ swallows hard, as Raila’s order to stop Dredging bears fruit in Likoni Tragedy

In Kenya, Politicians will find a talking point in anything. Be it a funeral, be it cancer, or a simple rescue operation.

In the weekend setting the sun on a very sombre September, Mrs. Kighendi and her daughter Amanda plunged into the Indian Ocean, an incident that exposed incompetence in disaster management operations in the country.

While visiting the site in Mombasa’s Likoni Ferry crossing point, African Union special envoy Raila Odinga ordered the halt of dredging operations to stop inorder to pave way for recovery operations.

This did not digest well with the splinter ‘Tangatanga’ Jubilee faction, who took a swipe at Raila Odinga for issuing executive orders, and acting as a president.

“Your excellency, these handshake people are abusing us. We are starting to get a very interesting scenario. How can the opposition leader purport to give instructions to government officials to carry out orders. Is that even possible? questioned Mathira Member of Parliament Rigathi Gachagua.

The vocal faction took over podiums to tarnish Raila’s involvement with the executive and claiming the ‘breach of contract’ is confusing Kenyans on the role Raila plays in the government.

Hardly a weekend after his order was issued, dredging was seen to have been halted. A day later, the Kenya Navy finally spots the sunken car.

Here is what Political analyst David Ndii had to say concerning the matter,

Judging by the silence since the Kenya Navy reported citings of the car, it appears that the splinter group have had to swallow their opinion Raila’s orders.