Telkom boosts Data services prowess in new strategy changes


Mobile and internet data service provider Telkom Kenya has re-energised its efforts to dominate the internet space after announcing strategic changes to its business model – By Gerald Gekara

According to its CEO, Mugo Kibati, the digital transformation will affect the telecommunications sector, to create an increased demand for broadband, connectivity, and digital platforms, by the individual consumer, corporates, and the public sector.

“I am excited to share our new strategic focus areas, that will address this current transformational dynamic as well as Telkom’s long-term objectives, as we work towards becoming a thriving integrated Telco provider, and the technology company of the future.” Kibati said.

Among the strategic changes include analysing Telkom’s extensive fibre network, by enabling public and private sector players to become smart entities, by way of technologies such as Internet of Things (IoTs), Cloud, and Big Data.

Telkom will also seek to incubate its future cloud business, with the aim of providing a carrier neutral experience, as well as expand its product and solution portfolio with its customers.

“This business restructuring will enable Telkom to sharpen its efficiencies, with respect to service provision and overall customer experience. It will also enable us to partner more strategically with like-minded entities,”Added Kibati.

These are the changes to Telkom’s Service delivery units.

However, Telkom said the new direction will not result in any job losses, but instead the teleco said it will invest in impacting more skill to its workforce. This will enable them work in line with its new strategic direction.