The Quickfix that helps you get more followers on Instagram

PHOTO: Courtesy

BY PRUDENCE WANZA- Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms with users striving to have a massive following and likes on their posts.

Normally celebrities or the well known people will have the most following since everyone wants to keep at par with what is happening in their lives.

However, for the common users it is not easy to gain a huge following unless you really work hard and get creative on the content you put out on Instagram but there are those who will use easier or rather fake ways to gain followers and likes.

Most people have invented ways of creating the likes and followers on Instagram that are not real.

For instance, a guy called Dries Depoorter- an artist from Belgium who makes technology-based art was featured on a BBC news article for coming up with an installation called Quick Fix.

PHOTO: Courtesy, BBC news

Quick Fix is a vending machine that dispenses Instagram likes and followers direct to your account for a couple of euros at a time.

According to the article Dries is creating fake accounts and likes as part of modern art and not for money but most people are doing it for money.

 He is quoted saying, “I basically have thousands of fake account, and they can follow you or like your latest post. What you should learn from this is that the numbers on your screen are not always real.”

There are still other sites offering followers and likes on Instagram and this will continue to be an enormous business especially in influencer marketing where brands are now advertising on the platform.

Individuals are also going all out to attain a following so as land marketing and advertising deals with various brands simply because we all have to hustle and make money.

But still the value of buying followers and likes on Instagram if they are not real can be established.