UDA Summons Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu Over Dubai Drama

The United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Party has summoned nominated senator Karen Nyamu to a disciplinary hearing in the aftermath of a viral video showing her in a public altercation at a party in Dubai.

According to a letter from the party, “Nyamu’s conduct brought shame, disrepute and lowered the dignity of the UDA party and injured its reputation”.

“Your conduct and mannerism as exhibited in that incident has brought shame, disrepute and lowered the dignity of the party which nominated you to the office of Senator,” the letter reads in part.

The chairperson of the UDA disciplinary committee, Charles Njenga, stated that Nyamu’s behavior in the incident was not in line with the expected behavior of a member serving in public office, citing the party’s code of conduct and Nyamu’s oath of office.

“Article 73 of the Constitution of Kenya as read together with the code of conduct of the party and your oath of office, delineate with clarity the expected conduct of a member of the party who has been afforded the opportunity to serve in public office, to represent the party at the Senate and the general public,” reads part of the letter.

Nyamu has been summoned to appear before the party’s disciplinary committee on Friday, December 23 at 9:30 a.m. at the party’s Nairobi headquarters.

She has the option of representing herself or appearing with an advocate from Kenya’s High Court.

Nyamu was seen arguing with Mugithi singer Samuel Muchoki and his wife Edith Nderitu in the video that prompted the disciplinary action.

Nyamu has since admitted her mistake and stated her intention to give up alcohol in 2023, which she blamed for the altercation.