We Are Ready For The New Urban Program — Mvita Residents

Mvita sub county residents have vowed to work closely with both the county and the national governments as they set to implement the urban renewal program in major public estates in Mombasa County. – By Ramadhan Kambi.

The residents drawn from various wards in the sub county said it is evident that a section of Buxton residents failed to collaborate with the two levels of government. 

Speaking to journalists in Mombasa, Tudor Estate Tenants Association Committee chairman Sammy Chalo said the residents welcome any dialogue from the two governments. 

“It is clear that there existed leadership wrangles at Buxton estate. As tenants we do welcome any developer in the sub county,” said Mr Chalo. 

He further said “being a registered tenant association we always speak with one voice. We shall not rush to court as they Buxton estate residents did,” 

Mr. Chalo says they (tenants) will support any move by the government to address the problem of housing noting “the government is advocating for better and affordable housing a move that we applause,” 

Meanwhile Mombasa Women for Peace Assistant Chairperson Rehema Fue said tenants living in public estates need to learn a lesson from the relocated Buxton estate tenant. 

She however notes that the probability of the relocated tenants occupying the houses after the completion is minimal. 

“One of the questions that is always ringing in my mind is will the tenants reoccupy the houses once the construction is complete? Quizzed Ms Fue. 

She adds that the urban renewal program will attract tourist hence boost the economy of the area. 

A ward administrator speaking on a condition of anonymity the housing issue requires a collaborative approach. 

According to the ward admin, most of the locals in Mwembe Tayari and Majengo have no land titles. 

“Three quarters of the residents in Majengo and Mwembe Tayari have no land titles. This is a challenge to so many of us,” said the ward admin. 

Haki Yetu Organisation Lands and Governance Officer John Paul Obonyo asked both the national and county government to enhance transparency as it sets to implement the housing program in public estates. 

Mr Obonyo wants the government to ensure inclusivity in the whole process. 

He further asked the government to stop forceful evictions saying the right to housing is a constitutional entitlement. 

“The government should stop evicting Kenyans forcefully. It should accord Kenyans respect as per the law. Kenyans pay taxes to the government and it should come out clear on this issue,”