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Friday, September 17, 2021

” We have cheated people that we do zero-based budgeting.” Startling revelation of Moses Kuria

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BY PRUDENCE WANZA- Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has challenged the legislature and the executive to come clean and apologize to Kenyans for alleged mismanagement of the budget hence elevating the country’s debt.

Kuria during Citizen TV’s Daybreak show admitted that the parliament and the budget Committee in which he is a member has failed to play the oversight role in matters of budget and the country’s state of economy.

“I want to say that we have lied to Kenyans and we have failed in our oversight responsibility. The reason we are in this hole is because as a parliament we could have said no but we said yes.”

According to Kuria the MPs believed in respecting the executive and the fact that most of them are members of the ruling party hindered them from raising any questions terming it as a messy situation.

 “Since I’ve offered apology on behalf of legislature I want people in the executive to offer the same, ours is an error of omission. Theirs is an error of commission because for seven we have cheated this country about our deficit we have “cooked” books; we have cheated people that we do zero-based budgeting.” He said.

The legislator stated that the country has taken commercial loans at 9% and left people banks offering money at 1% multilateral concessional loans which he termed as committing treason.

“….we have refused loan from world bank… because they will be asking us questions. It is a conspiracy between treasury and ministries, departments and agencies whereby they tell you take the expensive money because they don’t have questions do not take the concessional ones…”

He further stated that the country has gone to the extent of borrowing its own money by putting idle cash in parastatals and ministries in commercial banks.

“Just from the time Ukur Yattani came to treasury we have recovered 70billion shillings,… money that is for Communications Authority of Kenya, Kenya Airports Authority sitting idle in banks yet we borrow the same money and we say the government is borrowing from domestic… it is a fraud,” said the outspoken legislator.

The MP said that the treasury should have opted for cheap loans from World bank and ADB but it chose the expensive commercial loans.

“I want my good friend Rotich (former Treasury CS) and Thuge(former Treasury PS), to look at Kenyans in the eye and say they have committed treason for seven years. …Lets tell people we have been lying to them and the executive has been stealing from them.”

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