We have not slashed Judiciary Budget, We are only controlling it — Treasury CS Yatani fights back

Left Treasury CS, Ukur Yatani, Chief Justice David Maraga | PHOTO COURTESY

The office of the National Treasury has come out to express its shock and disappointment towards Chief Justice David Maraga.

Acting Cabinet Secretary, Ukur Yattani said he was equally surprised that a whole president of the Chief Justice would come out and express himself on National TV, instead of organizing a meeting with the Treasury in order to get an accurate explanation.

‘I was equally shocked at the kind of public address by the Judiciary,” Mr. Yatani said in an interview with a local TV.

“What they should have done is just to seek an appointment here, we sit with them, take them through the journey and see areas we can mitigate.” Ukur Yatani said.

Refuting claims that the Treasury had slashed the budget of the Judiciary, the acting CS explained that only control measures were put in place to control government spending.

“I can confidently tell you we have not reduced the budget for the Judiciary or the National Assembly,” he said.

“What we have done, we have instituted measures that we continue funding activities and programs based on the availability of the exchequer. You can have your money, you can even carry it forward, but we will release the money to you based on what we can afford at that period”.

He concluded that Treasury is doing all it can to cushion Kenyans from unnecessary debt by controlling government expenditure and ensuring that all arms of the government are funded equally in order to facilitate proper service delivery to Kenyans.