2022 Showdown: Is fate against Mudavadi elevation to State House?


Is Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi State House tenancy jinxed? Or is a willing conveyor belt, readily available for use (misuse) by the deep state whenever the need arises.

To attempt to provide an answer to this research question, it is important to retrace the key political moments.

Musalia in 1982

The former Nairobi School Rugby Captain is one of the University of Nairobi students who innocently cheered rebel soldiers during the attempted coup. Also in the group is David Murathe, the high flying advisor to President Uhuru and unapologetic DP William Ruto critic.
Like other big headed boys, they were rounded up by the then dreaded special branch officers, interrogated and released.
But a fearless leader is born.

February 1989

Moses Mudamba Mudavadi, Father to Mudavadi, breathes his last. The King of Mululu was then President Moi political corner stone.
Moi quickly picks out Musalia from Tysons Limited where the young man was a land economist.
He easily wins the by-election and is elevated to a Minister before he clocked 30 years.
Just as his star begins to rise, rumors start building up that Musalia is the man to succeed Moi.
Thinks, looks likely as all handles in his path are cleared by the system.


Musalia is appointed the Minister for Finance. Here again, hurdles are removed. But the biggest of them all, the Goldenberg beast is left on his path. He inherits it, appears to embrace its ugly head, and for the first time, his character is tainted.
He becomes a permanent fixture in the line up of the men and women who looted Kenya.

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Moi names his last cabinet. The expectation is high that Musalia will replace then shaky Professor George Saitoti.
Moi gives all of them a major dummy by leaving the VP position vacant for more than a year.
But only because of Moi’s choice of successor, Uhuru Kenyatta lost his Gatundu South bid to Moses Muihia, as a result, that still shocks Kenya.
Musalia starts getting frantic. And becomes a regular guest at the United Kenya Club, next to the University of Nairobi.
After one year, Moi reappoints Saitoti and Musalia frustrations to mount.

2002 March 18

Musalia, Uhuru Kenyatta, Kalonzo Musyoka, Katana Ngala are elected KANU Vice Chairmen.
At this vantage position, they are a heartbeat away from the Presidency.
Saitoti, the substantive Vice President is stripped of all responsibilities…he remains in KANU because he fears his boss, Moi can revisit his corrupt ways.
For 5 months, they torment Saitoti as they wait for the Moi nod.
When he did nod, it was Uhuru who the KANU baton was handed to.

August 2002

Musalia is a key speaker at Mulu Mutisya gardens high profile rally.
The mission is one: reject Uhuru’s endorsement by Moi, launch another political vehicle to State House.
He famously called Uhuru names, just like his sidekick Fidelis Gumo, Mathews Karauri, Moody Awori, and others.
Saitoti, Raila Odinga, Kalonzo Musyoka, Johnstone Muthama were all spitting fire against Moi and his protege Uhuru Kenyatta.
The body language was pro-Mudavadi.
After the rally, the political leaders trooped to the Muthama home at Mua hills.
Mudavadi ducked the lunch.
Later, he backed the Uhuru candidacy, was appointed a Vice President before they both lost.

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Musalia is Raila’s running mate. After the 2008 chaos and the launch of the Nusu Mkate Government, he is appointed the Minister for Local Government. He announces his intention to vie for the Presidency come 2013.


Musalia is duped by Uhururuto that they will support him for the big seat…because they have issues at the Hague.
He is forced to sign useless documents over a cup of tea, laced with brandy.
Uhuru is immediately admonished by GEMA elders and Musalia is left holding useless signed papers.
Later, the deep state urges him on, is in the ballot for the 2013 duel, but only for one purpose…dock the Maragoli tribe votes from the Raila Basket. This he delivers: he garners 700,000 votes. Raila loses to Uhuruto by around 400,000 votes. Job well done.


Comes back reenergized. Signs another deal with Raila. Gives NASA lots of campaign energy and fresh ideas.
He is duped by Raila in March 2018 when the ODM man embraces the enemy- Uhuru, without his generals.
Mudavadi, Kalonzo, and Moses Wetangula are bitter. Or at least some feign it.
Next step. Kalonzo, and Wiper embrace Uhuru. Wetangula is left in the wind. Mudavadi is milling around DP Ruto for a possible master alliance.
The prime question: Is Mudavadi a jinxed politician and a burden?


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