GSU officer admits businessman hired him to kill wife and mother-in-law

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A GSU officer has confessed that he was hired by a businessman to shoot dead his wife and mother in law in Katani, Machakos County.

The incident which happened on 26th October, 2019 shocked many as such has been unheard of in the rather quiet and peaceful area.

According to a report by the Daily Nation, the DCI has revealed that the hit men who killed the wife and mother-in-law leaving the businessman with a gunshot wound on the leg were hired by the man himself.

The businessman was shot on the leg but drove himself to Shalom hospital, located 20km away leaving his wife and mother in law dead with neighbors before police officers arrived to secure the scene.

Prior to the gruesome murder, the report further indicates that the businessman was initially hired as a family driver but later fell in love with the employer’s daughter, settling as her husband.

The publication further states that the business man  told officers that he was driving into his compound with his wife Purity Wanjiru on Saturday night when two gunmen on a motorcycle accosted them as his mother-in-law Ann Katita was opening the gate.

He said the gunmen first shot Katita in the head and turned their guns on Wanjiru and also shot her on the head before escaping with their purses.

However, a GSU officer was later arrested while receiving treatment at a clinic in Komarock estate where he sought treatment for a gunshot wound which he suffered during the attack.

Officers from Kayole police station were notified of the patient by the clinic attendants and the patient could not explain how he suffered the wounds leading to his arrest.

After hours of questioning by the DCI the officer agreed to lead the officers to Kambi Estate in Katani area of Machakos County where they raided a house near the victim’s house killing a 30 year old man hiding in his father’s house after he refused to surrender to the police

The parents of the man were also arrested by the police for not reporting to the Police about their son’s criminal activities and the presence of firearms in their compound.

The mother-in-law, Ann Katita was a well known entrepreneur, with a chain of alcohol retail shops to her name.