How Covid-19 has business to digitize and be innovative

Global business is facing unprecedented interruptions and Kenya is no exception.

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has not only disrupted our daily lives but has also transformed how we do business. Digitizing every aspect of our lives has now become the ‘new normal’.

This shift of operations to suit present-day requirements, the need for less reliance on human interaction and the move towards remote working have highlighted the need to accelerate adoption of digital strategies quicker than we ever thought possible. Covid-19 has no doubt catalysed the digital transformation journey for many companies.

Speaking to Deirdre Fryer, the Head of Solutions Engineering for SYSPRO Africa, she says, “For a long time, we have been talking about digital transformation. In some business circles it was not well understood; in others, it was just ignored. But now we are suddenly seeing people and businesses beginning to develop an interest in digital transformation. It has now become a re-ignited topic, one that people are paying attention to and want to explore.”

Fryer also adds that, “It is important to understand that the digital transformation journey is not a vertical process but a horizontal process meaning its implementation shouldn’t be left to only one department or an individual in a company, it is a process that involves multiple departments and multiple people. Successful digital transformation only happens when there is a coordinated change effort through all aspects of the business.”

The question many companies are now grappling with is where does one start? There is an amazing opportunity coming up in September where industry leaders particularly in manufacturing can learn how to successfully address this. They can ask Fryer and other experts all the difficult questions they yearn answers for as they seek to navigate through the ‘new normal’.

SYSPRO, a global leader in enterprise resource planning solutions for manufacturers in collaboration with industry experts such as IDC and Arthur Goldstruck will host  3 free webinars in September. The focus is on how businesses can be assisted to digitalize their operations. It is an opportunity to learn all that is necessary for a business to succeed in its digital transformation journey.