Kenyans online, Be warned — DCI Tweets

Kenya’s Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has cautioned members of the public over the rising cases of online fraudsters reported to its offices.

The DCI took to twitter to be on the look out for scammers mascqueraded as investment opportunities.

“Following the overwhelming reports of online fraud to our DCI Offices across the country, we wish to caution members of the public against engaging in online transactions with companies, agencies and/or individuals they have no credible information about,” the tweet read.

The DCI listed ; online cash traders (Forex Exchange), social media sites bearing prominent people’s profiles aimed at misleading and extortion, bank fraudsters making random calls while posing as service providers to cause panic to unsuspecting victims and agencies/Individuals advertising non-existing Rental Houses and/or Plots for sale.

The DCI then advised that this would be essential for, not only getting police assistance in recovering the lost items but also goes a long way in Strengthening the Victims’ Defense in case any such documents are subjected to Unlawful use by the perpetrators.