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Alcohol, Cigarettes Worth Ksh. 800 Million Destroyed

As part of the fight against counterfeits, the Kenya Revenue Authority destroyed products worth Sh800 million on Thursday.

Beer, alcohol, bottled water, juice, and cigarettes were among the items destroyed.

Pamela Ahago, KRA Western regional commissioner, said the commodities have a tax worth of roughly Sh300 million.

She talked at the Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute in Kisumu during the destruction of illicit exercisable goods.

According to Ahago, the illicit commodities were confiscated by KRA and multi-agency partners in the fiscal year 2020-21.

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She claims that the illegal trade harms everyone involved, from law-abiding manufacturers to unwitting consumers who may be exposed to potentially toxic items.

Ahago advised traders to follow the rules and avoid selling excisable items that aren’t stamped with excise stamps or are stamped with counterfeit stamps.

The Integrated Scanner Management Solution at the border is a critical technological achievement in the fight against illicit products.

According to Ahago, new scanners have been installed at important points of entry into the nation, allowing KRA to intercept illegal products.

"We continue to intercept these commodities and deal with violators in accordance with the law, including prosecuting them once tax evasion is established," she said.

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