Labour court awards 200,000 to sacked househelp

A house help who got fired for asking for a pay rise, has sighed relief after the Labour court awarded her a compensation of Sh270,000.

Moreen Muhani accused her employer Namuben Manji Bhinji of wrongful dismissal in December 2016.

In court documents, Muhani said she had worked for Bhinji for two years but when she approached him to request a salary increment, he got annoyed, fired her, and sent her away the following day.

Employment and Labor Relations Court Justice Nduma Nderi on Monday ruled that the applicant was unlawfully dismissed as she was not served with a one-month notice of termination of her employment.

“I find that the house girl did not contribute to the termination of her job. She was underpaid and was victimized for asserting her right for salary increment,” ruled Nderi. 

According to court documents, Muhani was being paid Sh3,000 per month, which the judge took offense, saying it was way below the minimum wage set by the government at Sh10,000.

“It is unlawful to terminate the employment of a house help without giving her notice. It is also illegal and unfair labor practice to send a house help away without paying her any terminal benefits and not giving her certificate of service,” ruled Justice Nderi.

Justice Nderi awarded Muhani a compensation package of Sh270,964, for the two years she worked with her employer, and to cater for wrongful dismissal.


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