Microsoft Inks Deal To Support Coding Syllabus in Kenya

Written By Mary Mumbua 📝

Microsoft Africa, Credit Bank, and Kodris Africa, an online publishing company, have announced a collaboration to support coding students in Kenyan primary and secondary schools.

This comes only a week after the country approved a new coding curriculum for secondary and primary school students.

The three companies will collaborate to promote the use of Kodris Africa Studio by students in Kenya, with plans to expand into the rest of Africa. The studio is a web-based platform where the content is stored.

Coding is the act of translating human intentions into commands that computers can understand to create modern use digital solutions such as mobile money transfer and smart devices.

According to Kodris Africa CEO Mugumo Munene, individuals will have a free trial (15 tasks) after which they will pay Ksh.330 per week for access.

“Learners deserve all the knowledge that they can acquire in their years of study so that they can stand shoulder to shoulder with their peers from around the world,” he added.

Last month, Kodris stated that they will seek synergy with other partners in order to roll out the curriculum.

The syllabus is also available in 48 othesr countries across Africa, according to the publishing company.

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