Monica murder trial: ‘Haron’ name Jowie alleged to use at Lamuria Gardens only spend ten minutes at the premises

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Security checkbook at Lamuria gardens indicates that Haron Busera the name Jowie is alleged to have used to gain entry at the apartments only took ten minutes at Monica’s apartment.

This was revealed during the cross examination of the caretaker of the apartments identified as Reagan Inungu Buluku.

Jowie’s lawyer, Hassan Nandwa told the court that a previous witness identified Jowie as the man who registered at the gate as Haron indicating he was going to Monica’s house.

The book indicated that he gained entry at 23.21 and left Lamuria at 23.31 which means he only took ten minutes at the apartments.

However the caretaker indicated that he can not comment on that since he is not involved on matters of records in the book.

The caretaker narrated to the court how Monica’s brother was in the company of a lady said to be his girlfriend and asked them to go check what was happening since his sister was not picking her phone.

They then requested the gardener to use a ladder to jump to the balcony where he pushed window and gained entrance in Monica’s house and while he was proceeding to look for keys at the bedroom he found Monica’s body lying in the bathtub.

According to the caretaker the gardener was not able to describe what he had seen but asked them to break the door to gain access.

They broke the door using a hammer and found Monica’s body at the bathtub with water pouring and blood oozing from the slit throat. The TV had also been left on at a high volume.

The caretaker also indicted that the day Monica Kimani rented the apartment was in company of a lady friend but later her boyfriend described as tall,muslim looks joined her where they lived together.

Two other witnesses also testified in court. Chelang’at Ruto a business lady and Dennis Wanjala maina.

Chelang’at told the court that he met Joseph irungu jowie the first accused in Monica kimani murder case through Jackie maribe the second accused in the case

While giving her testimony before Justice wakiaga chelang’at told the court that on  Sept 19th last year when monicah was killed  jowie joined her and a friend identied as Juliet, at 40Forty an entertainment joint in westlands.

He chose a table of two, which was located a few meters from where were they were seated.

She also told the court that; that night jowie was wearing a brownish khaki short, white t-shirt and a maroon cape, clothes which have been shown before the court as exhibits.

For instance the short was shown before the court from which a blood spot was taken and compared to Jowie’s blood sample which matched.

Chelagat also said that she learnt about the murder of Monica through social media where Jowie and Maribe were identified as suspects.

Dennis Wanjala the delivery executive who told the court that he worked at Netlink services limited, a company involved in delivering parcels and has branch in Juba,Sudan.

Wanjala told the court that hegot information through their work whatsapp group that the team in Nairobi should expect an urgent parcel being send from Juba through Kenya Airways with the name Monica Kimani and her contacts.

He then called the contacts indicated and informed the client that he would be at the airport on her arrival to receive the parcel.

He arrived at the airport and Monica informed him that was at the checking point where she stayed for a while before finally giving the parcel to Wanjala.

According to Wanjala Monica lowered the window and gave him the parcel which looked like documents in an envelope.

The parcel was from Stanbic Bank in juba and the recipient was Stanbic bank Kenya.

Wanjala furher stated that monica was in grey car which he could not remember the numberplate and was not able to mark Monica’s clearly since she was in a hurry.

However Jowie’s lawyers while cross examining Wanjala, stated that the taxi driver who had earlier testified said that the parcel was picked at Nyayo stadium but Wanjala insisted that he picked the parcel from the airport and delivered it to Stanbic bank at exactly 8.00am.

Jowie is accused alongside journalist Jacque Maribe with the murder of slain business woman Monica Kimani on the night of 19th September,2018 at Lamuria gardens apartments. They both denied the charges.