Nation Media are yet to respond to an allegation that on Sunday 18th August 2019, they published a front-page article written by their key journalists Dickens Wesonga and Derick Luvega purported that The Right Honorable Former Prime Minister has entered the 2022 presidential race.

The article was titled: The race is on: Raila to face Ruto in 2022 in which the journalist quotes Raila as saying, “you have seen me change tack. This is a strategy. There are several ways that can lead us to where our ambition is…..all the positions will be declared vacant and those who wish to be elected as officials to prepare for the contest. “

The said article enumerated the strategy that Raila will ostensibly use to win the 2022 election against Ruto. It deeply enumerated his restrategizing options, his election dispute at the supreme courts and also quoted him speaking at his party polls advising all party officials that all seats will be declared vacant in more so to prepare for the upcoming election.

In addition, his lawyers have not taken this lightly and are thus advising Nation Media Group to apologize and publish the apology on the front page of the same newspaper with equal measure failure to which legal action will be taken upon them.

Furthermore, Raila lawyers have not hidden their displeasure of the publication and hence also want compensation negotiation to be initiated immediately. We are yet to verify if this too was an order for the former right honorable prime minister.