Recipes with Mutete: Wow your chama with this Delicious Potato Croquettes recipe


 Potatoes –the amount will depend on the number of people your cooking for
 2 dhanias
 Oil
 Onions
 All-purpose flour
 Eggs
 Bread crumbs
 Spices


  1. Peel off your potatoes and in a clean sufuria boil them and onced they are well cooked mash them
  2. Add your onions and dhania and spices with a pinch of salt to taste.
  3. Mix the potatoes with the ingredients added.
  4. In a separate bowl or plate form small balls of the potatoe mixture.
  5. Freeze them for 10-20 minutes so as to make them a little bit hard.
  6. Place your bread crumbs, flour and eggs in a separate bowls.
  7. Remove the potatoe balls from the freezer ,and roll them in the flour
  8. Shake them off to remove excess flour then roll them in the eggs that will help the bread crumbs stick
  9. Finally roll them in the breadcrumbs as you put them aside.
  10. After your done, deep fry the them in a sufuria until they turn golden brown
  11. Place the deep fried potatoes in a dish and once you have deep fried all of them they are now ready to eat.