Resign Now — Jubilee Party Goes After Ruto

Deputy President William Ruto | PHOTO COURTESY

Following Deputy President William Ruto’s remarks on the cost of living, the Jubilee Party has chastised him, urging him to resign from government rather than complain with a salary.

Secretary-General Jeremiah Kioni issued a statement accusing the second in command of exploiting Kenyans’ plight for political gain. 

“It is regrettable that, despite being the government’s second-in-command, Mr. Ruto has turned into a serial complainer rather than offering practical solutions to Kenyans,” the statement reads in part. 

Kioni went on to say that while the DP is complaining about the wage bill, he has recently spent 200 million shillings on tours in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Ruto’s sentiments were described as hypocritical in the strongly-worded statement. “….For the Deputy President to stand on the stairwell of a government building, surrounded by government security and personnel, only to insult the government he is supposed to be serving. Mr. Ruto has two clear options: stay in his dusty office at Harambee House and help the President fulfill his constitutional mandate to the Kenyan people, or resign from his position.” 

This comes after the deputy president claimed that the Ksh.39 billion Petroleum Development Fund, which was supposed to go towards the fuel subsidy program, was diverted to other purposes, resulting in the fuel crisis.

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