After attempting to rob Arsenal defender Gabriel Magalhaes in his home in August, a man has pleaded guilty to robbery.

Abderaham Muse, along with another thief, followed Gabriel home from a night out and demanded his car keys, watch, and cellphone as he exited his vehicle.

Muse and his accomplice, both wearing masks, follow Gabriel into his garage before the robber holds a baseball bat up to the 23-year-old, who holds his hand in the air before surrendering his car keys and watch, according to CCTV evidence shown in court.

Muse then went at the former Lille centre-back, but the Gunners’ star hit him in the face before wrestling him to the ground.

Gabriel was also targeted because he appeared to be wealthy, according to Judge Anupama Thompson, with no proof that his status as a footballer played a role in this.

"While you didn't explicitly target the victim because he was a well-known footballer, there was a realization this guy was wealthy and deserving of robbing," Thompson said.
"You saw a nice car and a nice house and assumed it was easy money. Fortunately, no further damage was done as a result of the brave efforts of the persons you targeted."

*This article was written by Philip Kitune for Uzalendo News.  Email: to submit your story.


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