Top 3 Guard – Dog breeds you should be Owning

BY FAITH MUTETE – There is no best friend like a dog, and many times human beings have been found in the habit of spending their time with dogs for one reason or another.

People keep dogs for different reasons but today we are going to look at 3 types of dogs which are appropriate family guard dogs.

1. German Shephard

If you’re looking for a perfect guard dog, this will probably be first on your list and here is why

  • It is very active and always loves to have something to do, therefore it’s advisable for it to exercise on a daily basis
  • It is smart and easily trainable
  • It is sociable and very interactive, hence should be introduced to people and other pets
  • It is confident
  • Bred for herding and guarding
  • It is protective of the environment it’s used to
  • It is very adaptable.
  • It has low barking tendencies
  • Minimal health issues

2. Akita

The Akita is a large powerful canine that originated from the mountain regions of Japan and has high protective instincts.

Here is why its best to have it as a guard dog

They are    ;

  • profoundly loyal to their owners
  • Docile
  • , Dignified,
  • Responsive,
  • Independent,
  • Alert,
  • It is  Friendly, to people it is used to

3. Boxer Dogs

This is the peter-pan has been given the name due to its playful nature and high energy levels.

It really adapts well in a home surrounding and suitable as a family guard dog and here is a few reasons why

  • It has High energy levels
  • It is a Family dogs hence very loving
  • It is mascular in nature
  • It is easy to groom
  • It is very intelligent