Woman appears with a son, claims she is the ‘Second wife’ to Mp Ken Okoth

Ken Okoth and His son \\ Uzalendo News

BY STEPHANIE MWANGI – Barely a week after the push and pull over whether to cremate or bury the Late Ken Okoth, a fresh controversy has rocked the family, as a ‘second wife’ emerges with Ken’s ‘five year old son’.

The said woman, a jubilee nominated MCA, approached Okoth’s family on Tuesday evening and demanded that her son be recognized before his ‘father’ is buried

The family was meeting on Thursday at Silver Springs Hotel along Valley road with the ODM leadership to give funeral details

The son whose pictures with Okoth have been shared online, is well known among the Late Kibra MP’s circle and family members .

The MP’s widow, Monica, is said to have got wind of the boy and opposed the idea of publicly recognizing him. She and Okoth had no biological kids but adopted three.

The widow said to have protested attempts to have him mentioned In the MP’s funeral advertisement.

The orbituary which was to be published in Wednesday’s newspapers, was delayed by the push and pull on whether the child should be listed

The details of the second family emerged as the controversy persisted over whether the lawmaker’s remains will be buried or cremated.

 Opposition leader Raila Odiga on Wednesday chaired a crisis meeting with the family but only told the press “the body will be handled in the same way as that of Kenneth Matiba’’

A close friend who requested anonymity   said Ken did have a second family and he never hid from the fact that he is the father of that boy.

The close friend who accompanied Okoth to Tetu, Nyeri County, to meet the woman’s parent said the existence of the boy was an open secret known to both Okoth and the woman’s parents.

They are said to meet in 2011 while the woman was working as a nurse at Agakhan hospital in Nairobi before she was nominated during the 2017 general election.

The revelations came after okoth’s mother Angelina Ajwang warned that her son did not father any child outside his marriage with Monica.

The close friend who spoke to Uzalendo News said that the child was included in the will and the family should respect his wishes.