Youtube awards Comedian Churchill, the only Kenyan with 1 Million Subscribers

Churchill being awarded the Golden Play Button | PHOTO @MaryMaryBee

Kenyan Comedian and head of Laugh Industry’s chief Daniel Ndambuki, aka Churchill was awarded special recognition for attaining 1 million subscribers on youtube.

In Google’s event #GoogleForKenya, the tech giant was to award Churchill the honor of the golden play button. It was not to be.

Sources have told Uzalendo Gram that the coveted play button estimated to be worth millions of dollars may have been stolen while on transit to Kenya.

An order has allegedly been placed for another one, Churchill, however, led on the parade to his birthday party, thanking google, Kenyans and his support crew for the award.

“We made it. Such a timely gift, hii ata si imetosha birthday. Thanks to the Churchill Show family, our comedians and you, our fans for getting us to this milestone,” Bubbly Churchill stated.

Other personalities who recieved the silver play button were; Joanna Kinuthia, Wabosha Maxine, The WaJesus Family,  Alex Mathenge and Waniz Sharon were also awarded at the colorful event.

YouTube creator awards are meant to recognize its most popular channels.

Here is the list of awards that google gives out —

Custom Creator Award – 50 million subscribers

Diamond Button – 10 Million Subscribers

Gold Button – 1 Million Subscribers

Silver Button – 100,000 Subscribers