Editorial: Uhuru must fix the health sector, guillotine the cartels


    There is something rotten about the management of the health sector in Kenya.
    From independence time in 1963, the nerve center of the well being of the Kenyan people has been a den for robbers and thieves.

    Cash allocated for the provision of health services and facilities has ended up in the pockets of cartels.
    Most of the cash allocated ends up in pockets of tenderpreneurs and other well-connected thieves.

    During the reign of Jomo Kenyatta, several of these thieves were arrested and jailed, as old Jomo could not stand impunity in the health sector.
    Since then not a single high ranking official has been incarcerated over graft involving the Ministry of health.
    Yet it is clear that the medical equipment, through which county governments leased useless equipment was a crime spot.

    The Covid 19 supplies are stinking of high-level graft. KEMSA, the drugs agency that collates supplies of essential medicines for use by Kenyans has been converted to an ATM my merciless cartels out to entich themselves.

    Clearly, all is not well.
    We envision a country that prides itself as a working nation. Such a nation must be health.
    The prevalence of communicable diseases in Kenya is still very high. Yet, most of these ailnesses and conditions can be mitigated through enforcement of environmental actions that are affordable.
    We do not want to apportion blame here. Because Kenyans love politicising even the most straight forward of graft and theft.

    Our ask is simple. Those medical equipment procured by counties, and for which tax payers are paying Sh.200 million annually must be operationalized.
    This bounty cannot and should never be a dumping ground for obsolete equipment purchasing using the sweat and blood of Kenyans.

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    It is the duty, not a favor by the Government to ensure prudence utilization of public resources. These funds belong to Kenyans. We demand on their behalf that this equipment be put to proper use.
    Conversely, the deadline for the Covid 19 investigations is here. We gather that one way or another, the culprits must now face the music.

    It cannot be business as usual as public coffers are misappropriated for personal gain. We demand action. Not a branded sanitizer for purposes of exonerating the culpable.
    Why must we continue to steal from corpses?