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Friday, September 17, 2021

French culture ministry official drugged women to watch them urinate.

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An official in French Culture Ministry has been charged with drugging women so as to watch them urinate.

A report by BBC indicates that the said man is a senior official in the ministry and is accused of sexual assault and drug offences involving more than 200 women.

The incidences are said to have taken place when women attended job interviews at the ministry between 2009 and 2018.

French media reports that the women were offered tea or coffee during the interviews and then taken on walking tours of heritage sites near the ministry in Paris.

They would then feel a desire to urinate and the man could take them to the embankment of River Seine offering to shield them with his coat while they relieved themselves beneath a bridge.

One of the women is also reported saying she urinated on the floor almost at the man’s feet which was so humiliating and shameful.

Another woman said she was admitted to the hospital with a Urinary Tract Infection after the encounter.

He is also accused of taking secret pictures of the women’s legs under the desk using his mobile phone.

The man would then keep the records of the incidents on an excel spreadsheet.

The behavior of the official was however discovered after a woman caught him taking pictures of her legs under the desk and reported him to his superiors.

He was then later reported to the police and details of the women he had recorded were found in his computer. He was suspended and later fired. Investigations showed that he spiked the women’s’ drinks with a powerful diuretic.

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