Rwanda motorbike taxis given 10 days to install intelligent fare-meters

Motorcycle taxis in the City of Kigali have been given a deadline of August 15 to install and use intelligent meters while transporting passengers.

According to KTPress Rwanda, the deadline for mandatory use of intelligent meters for motorcyclists in Kigali was postponed last month after motorcyclists complained about the shortage of the devices.

Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA) and the City of Kigali have said it is time for all moto-taxi operators to take them on.

“We have postponed the mandatory use of intelligent meters several times but it is high time we implemented its use,” Prudence Rubingisa, the City of Kigali Mayor said.

The use of intelligent meters in motorcycle taxis will definitely take the profession to another level as we aim at having a smart city,” he said.

Taxi Moto Riders Warm up for their New Normal – KT PRESS

Patrick Nyirishema, the Director General of RURA, they have spent two years preparing for the implementation of installing meters in motorcycles in a more effective manner.

“Installing intelligent meters will not only benefit passengers and motorcyclists in terms of safety, but it will also keep financial records for motorcyclists which they can use to acquire a loan in the bank,”. The intelligent meters are available and should be installed on motorcycles without fail,” Nyirishema said.

“We want to first install meters on passenger motorcycles across the City of Kigali before we consider countrywide usage,”

“This will give us a clear picture of how provinces will also follow the suit in the digitization of motorcycle taxi transport,” Nyirishema said.

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