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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Sorry, but video meetings are now with us to stay

Zoom and its peers have had a banner year, becoming integral parts of our professional and personal lives, but working professionals are split on how much they want to continue leaning on these services once the pandemic ends.

After a year that saw Zoom become a verb for countless households who turned to it for work conferences, birthday parties, first dates and more, some like Penn would prefer to get back to limiting their video interactions to the occasional FaceTime call.

Firms that were once reluctant to let their employees work remotely, or worried about potential security issues from using cloud-based services, have now been forced to do so and learned that it’s not as bad as they imagined, Inouye said.

Even for the workers who do choose to head back into their offices, having at least some colleagues continue to work remotely means meetings will still have a video component.

The Zoom boom isn’t just about work calls and meetings, though.

Video calls will be an integral part of her working life going forward, well after the pandemic is over.

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