Woman Scalds Husband’s Genitals With Boiling Water After Buying TV For First Wife

A bizarre quarrel between two lovers was witnessed at Ogalo Trading Centre in Matungu, Kakamega County, after a Ugandan woman publicly poured boiling water on her Kenyan husband after he allegedly bought a television set for his first wife.

The suspect is the victim’s second wife.

According to eyewitnesses, the suspect, a mother of five, has repeatedly physically abused her husband, even locking him inside their family home.

“We have been working with the woman for years at this trading centre and we thought she was a genuinely good person but she has been having arguments with her husband in public,” one of the eyewitnesses told Citizen Digital.

“This time however she decided to pour boiling water on her husband, burning his private parts in the process.”

Following the incident, locals chased the woman to Uganda. She is currently on the run.

“This woman should stay in Uganda or find another place to sell her products because she is no longer welcomed here,” the eyewitness added. 

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