As we celebrate Eid remember to maintain distance and wear a mask

One of the elements that contribute to a rise in COVID-19 infections is gatherings. Ramadan and Eid are times when gatherings appear to have contributed to the deaths of many in the Muslim community. 

A similar trend was seen in Indonesia, which is experiencing high waves of COVID-19 cases and deaths. Many of the deaths were around the time of Ramadan and Eid. Gatherings can be superspreader events – in any religion or society.

It is important that people try to avoid gatherings when the next Eid takes place around 20 July. But if it must do, they must remember to maintain distances and wearing mask.

How gatherings can be superspreader events of Covid-19 and how to avoid the risk. We can avoid the Madaraka Day scenario at Kisumu, if we are cautious.

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