“Come join us in Kadu Asili,” Aisha Jumwa tells Joho and Kingi

Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa has told Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho and his Kilifi Counterpart Amason Kingi to abandon the formation of their new political party. – By Ramadhan Kambi.

 Instead, the fiery legislator told them to join her in drumming support for Kadu Asili, a post-independent political party at the Coast. 

During the burial of former Kaloleni MP Governor Kingi said the region will have a new political outfit by June, with the party expected to fold all other political parties and used as a single entity to bargain for the national cake in 2022. 

“Come June, we shall announce the formation of our new regional political party that will rope in all other parties. We have to approach the national politics in 2022 as a one untied coast region,” Governor Kingi told mourners. 

But even as he spoke, Ms Jumwa had already hit the ground drumming support and popularizing Kadu Asili, the party she will use for her gubernatorial contest in 2022. 

Addressing residents of Matano Manne in Ganze sub county, Ms Jumwa said time is now ripe for the proponents of Coast politics to embrace Kadu Asili instead of forming a new party for the region. 

“Because we have now Kadu Asili, I want to tell Mr Kingi and Joho to come and join us in popularizing this party. I heard the Governor telling mourners that a new party is in the offing. But we have Kadu Asili, why can’t they support it as it is a pioneer political party from this region,” said Ms Jumwa. 

An ally of Deputy President William Ruto and a member of Tanga Tanga team, Ms Juumwa said they had already Dr Ruto that they will not support him blindly but with a party. 

“We already told Dr Ruto that we shall not just go blindly as Coast people but join him using a political party. So here we are, and Kadu Asili is here, why can’t the coast leadership support this party instead of forming a new one,” said Ms Jumwa. 

While in Rabai drumming support for the party, Ms Jumwa faulted Governor Joho s stand that he will go for presidency using the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM). 

“Governor Joho wants to be president but we know that he is under ODM leader Raila Odinga. This makes his bet a mirage. Why can’t he and Kingi join and popularize Kadu Asili. That is the only party with focus on Coast matters,” said Ms Jumwa. But according to Governor Kingi, some of the currently political parties are allied to outsiders and don’t represent the views of the Coast residents. 

“It will be a great mistake if we form a political party with focus on either Raila or Ruto. We shall be misleading our people,” added Governor Kingi.