How Kamba Governors conned Kalonzo to win 2013, 2017 elections

PHOTO:Courtesy From left; Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana, Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu and Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua.

The Kibra election fallout has reopened raw political wounds in Ukambani…pitting the three Governors against Wiper leader Dr. Kalonzo Musyoka.

PHOTO: Courtesy
Left; former Vice President and Wiper Leader kalonzo Musyoka and the three Ukambani Governors.

So what are the issues?

 Kalonzo Vs Ngilu

The Kitui Governor has had rocky relationship with Kalonzo.

Ever since Ngilu joined politics via Mwai Kibakis DP, the two have never visited each other’s political bedrooms.

Their relationship warmth or lack of it is defined by prevailing personal interests.

In 2017, they teamed up because Ngilu was desperate to be Kitui Governor. So she conned Kalonzo into believing that they were inseparable…only for Kalonzo to  abandon his political ally David Musila and Dr. Julius Malombe…

Ngilu utilised the fall out to win in Kitui…

Then it was business as usual…Ngilu is back with Raila Odinga and is using every opportunity to fight Kalonzo…

On his part, Kalonzo has incited Wiper Mps against Ngilu to frustrate her Government..

The final episode of the Kalonzo, Ngilu battle is 2022…

Kalonzo versus Dr. Alfred Mutua

Mutua used Kalonzo to win his first term as Governor in 2013.

Kalonzo advisers had warned him against warming to Dr. Mutua theatrics but he ignored and dismissed them.

Mutua abandoned Kalonzo once he was elected, formed his party and is now giving the wiper man sleepless nights..

Mutua defeated Kalonzo in Mutonguni ward with his Maendeleo Chap Chap movement and is seeking to neutralize him in 2022.

Dr. Mutua political trajectory is not clear, but he wants to rule Kenya one day…and that day is 2022…

Mutua claims good connections with Central Kenya and Nyanza and is determined to retire Kalonzo from politics…or so the cinema man dreams.

Professor Kibwana poison

As the Governor of Makueni between 2013 and 2017, Kibwana helped Kalonzo henchmen get tenders.

He return, he warmed his way to the Wiper bedroom, chased away David Musila, obtained Kamba votesbin the name of Kalonzo…and bolted again to Muungano..

Now Wiper is exposed…but Kalonzo had been warned…

Hitting back at Governors

The Kalonzo youth gang led by Matungulu Mp has regrouped…it will hold an AGM on 30th November to deal with the new threat to Kalonzo’s political future..a battle royale looms…